Classic Rock Face Block is a manufacturer of historic concrete rock face block. Also commonly known as rusticated concrete block, you can often find these patterned blocks on foundations and porches of homes built between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

These blocks and were also a common feature

of the famous Sears Kit Homes.


At Classic Rock Face Block we use castings from the original blocks and design plates to create historically accurate replicas, suitable for restoration projects and period-style new construction. We also manufacture a rock face veneer.


Our block meets ASTM standards and has been approved for use by historic neighborhood associations, city historic commissions, and the National Park Service.

We love what we do and we love sharing our passion for restoring the past. Let us help you maintain the design integrity of your historic property with Classic Rock Face Block!


Our Blocks

Classic Rock Face Block Design 1
Design 1

8x16” Shallow Rock Face

Design 2

8x16” Heavy Rock Face

Design 3 - Heavy Rock Face
Design 3

8x16” Heavy Rock Face

Design 4 - Heavy Rock Face
Design 4

8x16” Heavy Rock Face

Design 5 - Heavy Rock Face
Design 5

8x16” Heavy Rock Face

Design 6 - Shallow Rock Face
Design 6

8x16” Panel Face

Design 25 - Classic Rock Face Block
Design 25

8x24” Rock Face

Design 26 Rock Face Block
Design 26

8x24” Rock Face

Design 27 Rock Face Block
Design 27

8x24” Rock Face



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Homes, Rock Face Designs

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