Classic Rock Block Warranty and Guarantee on blocks

Warranty and Guarantee

Block Builders Inc. Warranty and Guarantee

Block Builders Inc. dba Classic Rock Face Block guarantees its product for five years from the date of sale. We will replace free of charge, any masonry units found to have defects caused during manufacture or damage incurred by Block Builders Inc. delivery vehicles.

All concrete masonry units manufactured by Block Builders Inc. shall be produced in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM C90) for Load-Bearing Concrete Masonry Units and any revisions as thereafter adopted.

The ASTM standards for concrete masonry units contain requirements necessary for quality performance. Production conformance requirements include:

* Specified component materials

* Face shell and web thickness

* Finish and appearance criteria

* Moisture content, compressive strength, and water absorption

* Variations from specified standard dimensions

Of the foregoing requirements, the ASTM appearance criteria is the most subjective in nature and shall be evaluated as follows:

All units shall be sound and free of any defects that would interfere with the proper

placing of the unit or would significantly impair the strength or permanence of the

construction. Minor cracks, incidental to the usual methods of manufacturing, or

minor chipping of not larger than one inch in any dimension and not greater than

5% of a shipment resulting from customary methods of handling in shipment and

delivery shall be deemed acceptable. Viewing of the units for the presence of

objectionable imperfections shall be made from a distance of not closer than 20 feet

under diffused lighting. Specifications regarding color and texture shall be based

upon an approved sample of not less than four units representing a range of color to

determine conformance.

Please note: Block Builders Inc. does NOT guarantee the following:

* Defects caused by improper installation

* Masonry units used in exterior walls without production admixture for resistance to moisture penetration

* Any costs (except for unit replacement or credit) associated with the installation of units which contained obvious defects

* Masonry units for any application or use beyond their inherent structural design


* The cost of any item except the replacement masonry unit

* Replacement of damaged units caused by others or damage caused during delivery by

non-Block Builders Inc. vehicles and personnel