Our Passion is Our Strength!

We love what we do and we love sharing our passion for restoring the past. Let us help you maintain the design integrity of your historic property with rock face concrete block!


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Classic Rock Face Block opened its doors in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2006. Rock face block can be found on many of the older homes and buildings in and around the Fort Wayne area. As these homes near their century mark, deterioration in the block had become evident, with no like replacement to be found.

Our owner saw this need and set out to get historically accurate replacement blocks into the hands of these historic property owners. In the following years, we have worked on perfecting a more modern and efficient manufacturing process. We continually search around the country for new design patterns. And we continually research how the use of this block-shaped home design in the early 20th century.

Our passion is to help historic property owners around the country restore their piece of history to its former glory. Every new project is an exciting opportunity for us to play a part in beautifying an old home or building and bringing it back to life.

We know owning and restoring a historic property is an adventure in itself, and we hope you bring us along for the ride!

History of Rock Face Block

During the early 20th century rock face block became a staple in the building material market.   This nondescript block was once a major product for one of our country's largest retailers, Sears Roebuck & Co.


Sears set the standard for building by incorporating the Classic Rock Face Blocks on almost every new home.  The kit was delivered to the spot and a builder or homeowner was set to start building it, complete with blueprints.


Meet Our Team

At Classic Rock Face Block, we have some of the most knowledgeable people working for us.  Feel free to give them a call anytime to ask a question about our products.

Tim Straley - Classic Rock Face Block President
Tim Straley


Jason Housman

Sales Manager

Authentic Rock Face Blocks

Classic Rock Face Block adheres to strict production guidelines and uses only top quality materials to meet ASTM standards for concrete masonry units and veneers. We warranty our product for 5 years, and guarantee your satisfaction for a lifetime.